Citrix XenServer 5.6

Citrix XenServer is the only free, enterprise class, cloud-proven virtualization platform with all the capabilities needed to create and manage a virtual infrastructure.
Ten minutes to Xen
To get started, download and activate the free version of XenServer - youll be up and running in less than ten minutes and virtualizing even your most demanding workloads. The free version includes critical features such as:
  • XenMotion move running virtual machines from one host to another with zero downtime
  • XenCenter virtual machine monitoring and management through a single,intuitive interface
  • XenConvert - physical to virtual and virtual to virtual conversion
  • Shared storage support reduce cost and complexity by using existing storage systems
XenServer enables any organization, no matter the size or budget, to immediately benefit from the power of server virtualization for consolidation, business continuity, and agility.
Advanced virtualization management When youre ready for more advanced capabilities, simply upgrade to one of the premium editions of XenServer that meets your unique requirements. Key features include:
  • High availability to automatically restart virtual machines if a failure occurs.
  • Dynamic provisioning services to centralize master VM images and allow them to stream on-demand.
  • Site Recovery for site-to-site disaster recovery services for virtual environments.
  • StorageLink for simplified access to advanced storage features directly from the virtualization management environment.
  • Lab and stage management streamlines the process of building, testing, sharing and delivering applications on-demand.
  • Automated workload balancing improves system utilization and increases application performance by automatically rebalancing VMs within a resource pool.
  • Host power management lowers datacenter electricity consuption by powering off underutilized servers.
  • XenServer benefits
  • Simplify IT with virtualized infrastructure that integrates seamlessly with existing storage environments.
  • Optimize delivery of server workloads to both physical and virtual machines to reduce storage costs and increase IT readiness and security.
  • Accelerate business with virtual workload lifecycle management tools that increase the quality and speed of delivery of new and updated application workloads into production environments.
  • Automate IT processes with Site Recovery, which allows site-to-site disaster recovery using a simple wizard driven workflow.
Get started now Download Xenserver now and begin realizing the benefits of server virtualization at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.